Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store my microphone when not in use?

When not in use, it is recommended that the microphone be stored in a cool, dry environment. It is best to keep the microphone in a plastic bag with some moisture-absorbing crystals near the capsule. This will ensure any moisture that may be present around the mic, and especially the capsule gets absorbed. Regular checking on the microphone and the crystals is a good idea. If the crystals have changed color this indicates they are saturated and can no longer absorb moisture from the air effectively. At this point, they should be changed or dried out. Correct storage of the microphone will ensure it will last a lifetime.

Do I need a windshield on my mic?

The diaphragm of the microphone is an extremely sensitive piece of electro-mechanical equipment, which should be protected from any harsh environments. Generally, if you are working in an indoor or studio environment a windshield will not be necessary.

If you are working outdoors then it is always advised to have a windshield handy to reduce any chance of wind affecting the capsule, causing unwanted noise on the recording. In extreme cases, there is possible damage to the capsule so in prolonged exposure to wind a Blimp should be considered to help reduce this risk.

Do I need to activate synco mics?

Synco Mics are ready to use without activation. Please keep the invoice for any further warranty and support enrollments.

Can I pre-order an out-of-stock product?

You can choose to pre-order from the product page with the Pre-Order button. If the Pre-Order button is not active, raise a request via ” GET ME THIS ” from the main menu. Also, you can sign up for restock notifications for specific items on our site, so you will be one of the first to know when the specific item you want is available again.

Whether we offer cash on delivery?

Due to the value of the consignment, we do not offer cash on delivery of products. You can choose store pickup so that users can pay on delivery.

 What about the warranty of products?

All SYNCO products come with 1 Year Warranty, you can enroll for warranty support with the purchase invoice.

How is microphone sensitivity measured and published?

Microphone sensitivity is calculated as the output level the mic will produce in a known sound field. 

Most professional audio manufacturers use a sound field level (or pressure) of 1 Pascal (or pa) = 1V, this equates to 94dB SPL. To test the microphone sensitivity we place it in a sound field of 94dB SPL and this is our reference level.

The microphone output is measured in millivolts and stated in dB compared to this reference level. As the reference level of 1 volt is normally above the output level of the mic (mV) the resulting number in dB will be negative. So, a microphone with a sensitivity of -40 dB is more sensitive than a mic with a rating of -60 dB.

My microphone is not responding, what should I do?

If your microphone has an external power supply, make sure the power supply is turned on.  Else long press to reset the device.

Who do I contact for a repair or service?

For a repair or service of your product purchase in India please contact your seller/contact support lines of SYNCO AUDIO India with the purchase invoice.

What information should I include with a service/repair request?

If you are requesting a service or repair of a product via email please let us know the following information,

Product Name:

Serial number:

Basic fault description:

Your return address:

Your contact phone number:

With this information, we will be able to quickly provide you with further assistance for your product.