Sales and Warranty Policy is the online store that sells syncoaudio products in India. The SYNCO AUDIO INDIA Sales Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) is an agreement concluded for buyers to purchase products from the SYNCO AUDIO INDIA subordinate to . (hereinafter referred to as SYNCO AUDIO INDIA ). Once the buyer has placed an order in the SYNCO AUDIO INDIA, he/she hereby states and guarantees that he/she has the ability to agree to and sign the clauses in this agreement. If the buyer cannot accept all the clauses included in this agreement, please do not hit the “Buy” button

Pricing and Adjustment

SYNCO AUDIO INDIA reserves the right to change the price of the products displayed in the SYNCO AUDIO INDIA based on the actual market situation. In the event of a price change, any change or cancellation of an order due to a change in price will not be accepted. SYNCO AUDIO INDIA has the right to correct any unintentional mispricing. In the event of a pricing error, you will be notified and will be allowed to continue trading at the correct price or cancel the order without any charge.

Pre-Sale Policy

For pre-sale products, SYNCO AUDIO INDIA would only provide the estimated shipping time due to objective uncertainty, the actual shipping time may be influenced by production, inventory situations, and force majeure. The customer hereby agrees that SYNCO AUDIO INDIA has the right to adjust the shipping time according to the actual situation, or cancel the order after receiving permission from the customer. If any such adjustment or cancellation occurs, SYNCO AUDIO INDIA will promptly notify the customer

Regrading Delivery and Delivery Timeline

  • All products marked as ” In-stock ” will be shipped on the same day if the order is completed by the customer before 2.30 pm.
  • We don’t ship on Sundays and any national holidays, orders placed on such days will be shipped on the next working day.
  • Typically a consignment takes about 1-4 days to major cities, 2-5 days to towns, and 10-14 days to North-Eastern states.
  • We offer tracking info on all shippings we dispatch so that you can track the status on the fly. This tracking info is shared with respective customers at the end of the business day.
  • Due to government restrictions or weather conditions, if there is any delay from the logistics partner we will inform the customer as earlier.

Order Receipt and Confirmation

Once the order is placed it will show as pending in the dashboard, once payment and stock are confirmed from our side we will change the status to “processing”.


Order Cancellation

Customers could cancel the order before it is confirmed. The order cannot be changed once it has been confirmed and processed. If you want to cancel the order after it is confirmed, please contact our support lines.

Order Receipt

Within 15 days of the shipment of the order, customers could confirm the receipt of the product on SYNCO AUDIO INDIA upon its delivery. If no receipt confirmation was made after 15 days of shipment, the system would automatically confirm the receipt of the order. If you did not receive the product after the auto-confirmation by the system, please contact SYNCO AUDIO INDIA Customer Service Center. We will re-ship the product or provide a refund or reimbursement according to the actual situation.

Pictures and Advertisements

The information included in the SYNCO AUDIO INDIA is nothing more than an invitation for an offer. Any information of such does not form as an offer of the SYNCO AUDIO INDIA to provide any product or services the pictures, videos, and words displayed on the SYNCO AUDIO INDIA may not be the same as the actual products due to different batches and technology advancement. There may also be errors due to careless omissions in the review process. SYNCO AUDIO INDIA always strives to provide customers with objective and correct website content and pictures but takes no responsibility for any incorrect information that has not been subject to proofreading, or for any misunderstandings due to differences in interpretation. If you find any errors in the information displayed on the SYNCO AUDIO INDIA official website, please contact us at SYNCO AUDIO

Reselling forbidden

SYNCO AUDIO INDIA sells and delivers products to end-users/customers only. Any purchase of products from SYNCO AUDIO INDIA for the purpose of reselling is forbidden. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you are not purchasing the products for personal use

Usage of products 

SYNCO AUDIO INDIA will not be responsible for any misuse of products purchased by customers. Customers are responsible for all the after-effects of activities they have done. Doing modifications in products to do illegal or non-responsible activities may lead to the ban of users and also report of such activities to official government monitoring authorities.

SYNCO AUDIO warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship for all products sold by Only original, unaltered, and unmodified materials and workmanship are covered by this policy. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper deployment, misuse, accidents, neglect, or the natural breakdown of materials over time. Products should be returned to us for evaluation. Items with defects in materials and workmanship will be repaired, exchanged, or refunded. For more information about repair, exchange, and returns, please visit our website’s after-service policy.

Warranty Period 

At SYNCO AUDIO, we offer 1 YEAR replacement warranty against our GST Invoice. Any issues or errors not caused by the user will be accepted and will provide a replacement unit to the customer. Physical damages, water damages are not covered under warranty. 

If the product is deemed not to be covered by this warranty, we will contact the customer to accept the repair cost, or on its option, have the product returned back to the customer;

We only provide a refund service for orders from . For orders from a third-party website or store, we do not support refund service and we suggest you contact your original seller.